A Dedication To Prisoner Ben - By Prison Widow

I'm dedicating this post to, Prisoner Ben, who is currently banged up on the block at, HMP Shepton Mallet. Most of you who follow our blog will know that, Ben, was captured with a mobile phone, hence why he is on the block. OK, this is the scenario with me right now. It's my hubby's birthday next week and he said he wants a mobile phone. He wants a posh one, in fact he'd like a Blackberry Torch. He said he doesn't want another cheap one, because the lad who smuggled his last phone in for him, ended up in hospital. His CT scan showed that he had a house brick lodged up his nether region. It was a rather large old Nokia phone, so that's probably why the consultant was mistaken with his diagnosis. House bricks and old Nokia's are similar in size. My problem is that I still see the mobile phone smuggler out and about in town. He walks like he has just finished a race at the Donkey Derby, and both of his feet are turned inwards, so I can't ask him to do the honours with a, Blackberry Torch can I? My only other option is to rent a bent screw ( Prison Officer) for the day. The thing with renting a bent screw is, if my hubby gets caught with the phone, will the prison officer give me a refund? Or will he have spent my smuggling money on his first batch of Skunk for HMP distribution? It's a bit of a risk isn't it? There's no point in contemplating that I smuggle it in myself, because I have a prolapse, so I don't want to be giving birth to a, Blackberry Torch, thank you very much. Either way, just remember will you, that 'RAPO' is now under copyright - Rent A Prison Officer - should anyone else come up with the idea. Anyway, I'll finish here for now, but here's sending, Prisoner Ben, all the best from me and everyone here at Prisoners Families Voices!