Drug Treatment?? - by Mary PFV volunteer

I have to agree with Jim Brown again!!. His post 'drug treatment isn't working' hits the nail on the head when he says "The whole policy has been a disgraceful waste of time, money and effort and done nothing to reduce the problem - in fact it's almost certainly made the whole situation worse". Click on the highlighted link above to read the whole post.

The disgraceful way the drug rehabilitation centres have been closed and replaced with nothing is shocking. No wonder there is such a high percentage of drug users within the prison system, which, by the way does nothing to help the general prison population, or combat the rising numbers of heroin addicts within our prison's. It is not unknown for people previously 'clean' ie non drug users, to leave our prisons dependent on class A drugs. Then again, is it any wonder there has been a massive shift within prisons from cannabis to heroin use purely to avoid detection?

Drug addicts/alcoholics need help to deal with their addictions before being put into prison to serve their sentence, which could then be influenced by how well the addict had responded to treatment. It has to a better way to deal with the problem of our increasing numbers of addicts in this country, than being released with a drug/alcohol problem only to be placed in a drug ridden hostel by probation services, spoon fed methadone and benefits until a large percentage of them end up wreaking havoc on peoples lives and ending up back 'inside'.