Drugs And Prison - By Anonymous

My ex partner went to prison for a drug related crime. He was an heroin addict. He still is, so that's why I want to talk about drug treatment. He was sent to prison and he went on a drug rehab wing or whatever they call them in prison. He did the treatment thing and the course thing, and then went back on the prison population wing. On there, he could get his hands on more drugs than he could in the free world. Back to square one. Then he was transferred to another prison. He was padded up with an heroin addict that was still using, so all that money spent on drug treatment and rehab was a waste of time. My ex partner clearly didn't want to come off drugs. When you are locked up away from your family and in a cell over 20 hours a day, then the cravings for drugs will be intense. When I watched the prison documentary, Strangeways, a prisoner openly spoke about how he couldn't do his sentence straight headed and that he would take any illegal drug that's on offer in prison. For me, and as an ex partner of a prisoner and drug addict, drug treatment will never work. We are living in a very depressing society and that's the top and bottom of it. I rarely read success stories by ex prisoners with drug addiction. I know some do kick the habit, but the statistics on how many? I would like to know. My ex was recalled to prison because he breached his licence. Part of his licence was that he had to refrain from using drugs. He did all the crafty urine tests for probation, which half the time wasn't his urine because someone else ( a non drug user ) did his sample for him. That gave him a little bit of time on the outside until probation swab tested him and then he was snookered. People say that we should have hope. I'm afraid I don't have much hope at all on this topic.