Educate Schools On Prisoners Families - By Anon

I have two children who are bullied at school because their dad is in prison. In the beginning, my daughter used to just walk off, but now she is hitting back and it is she who is getting in to trouble because the school failed to address the issues. I informed the school what had happened to her dad and that he was in prison, but the bullying continued. Now my daughter has stood her ground, they have now started on her younger brother. I explained to the head teacher, that when my children are at school, they have a duty of care for them. The head teacher didn't have a clue what to say to me when I told her my children's dad was in prison. Shouldn't prison issues be something that teachers should be made aware of? I have read a few stories where some schools are excellent at understanding this situation, yet I have also read some stories on schools that need educating on it too. The only option left is to move them to a different school. Prison issues seem to be an alien subject to the staff in the school where they attend now. I find it quite bizarre when schools bring in the community Police do talk to children about crime, yet they don't cover certain issues when someone breaks the law and what families have to go through. Naturally the victims of crime do come first, but prisoners families are affected too!