Ex Offender Lied For A Brighter Future - By Anon

Ex Offenders and Employment

Hi. I would like to respond please to the post about ex prisoners and CV's. ( Above link )
My man has been out of prison for 2 years and started his job 8 months ago. Because employers can now have the pick of the crop due to the high unemployment rates, a CV is a very important tool. The probation office in which my partner attends, has a guy that comes in and tells ex offenders about all the latest vacancies. It's really handy, but I'm not sure if every probation offices have this service. Through this service, my man found a job. I did however disagree with his probation officer when he said to be honest with his CV. Many law abiding citizens aren't squeaky clean when it comes to writing out their so called 'honest'CV's, so the choice is - do you give an ex offender the opportunity for employment, or do you do the honest thing and declare the prison thing on your CV for the employer to file it in the bin? How many employers employ ex-offenders? No doubt some do, but why then do these companies not come to the forefront and advertise it? I'd say plain and simply because of the stigma. Sorry, but I spinned a yarn when I did my man's CV. It's spin a yarn or crime! My man loves his job and it's given him a brand new prospective on life. Seeing him achieve this is far far better than seeing him sat at a prison table with a cup of coffee. A few white lies has given our family a better future!