The Fairy Jobmother - By Probation Matters

I've previously said that in my experience very few clients ever set out with the positive intention of wanting to live a life without work. However they often find themselves in a self-fulfilling cycle of despair at ever being able to gain sustainable employment by virtue of a whole host of factors ranging from illiteracy to drug addiction. Having a criminal record and virtually no employment history just makes matters worse and at a time of rising unemployment and personal low self-esteem in the jargon means that they remain 'difficult to place.'

This is not a new phenomena and successive governments have tried to address the issue in various ways, the most useful in my view being the old job creation schemes introduced in the 70's and 80's. Indeed I benefited from one called STEP, the Short Term Employment Programme which by a convoluted route eventually resulted in my gaining a place at University as a mature student. Virtually no one is 'unemployable' in my view but again in the words of the new terminology, getting some people 'job ready' may take quite a bit of special effort.

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