Families Out - by Mary PFV volunteer

Click here to read a very interesting article from Inside Times, not to mention the comments in reply.

Whilst I broadly agree with the sentiments expressed, is it only me who noticed that throughout the article regarding the "reform" of The Probation Service, there is not one word which acknowledges the family!! No surprise there then....I am pleased they are at least going to allow comments, suggestions from inmates and the general public. It is up to all of us to participate, if we are going to affect policy we have to start somewhere.

Saying that, it has just been announced that Ken Clarke's proposed "sentance discount" is to be scrapped. BBC's political editor, Nick Robinson stated. I wonder just how much this whole exercise has cost? More than enough I would think to stop charging prisoners SEVEN times the cost of a phone call.

When will these people recognise that the 'system' as it stands, just doesn't work? From sentancing to release it is archaic and out of place. We need radical reform and complete overhaul if it is ever going to be 'fit for purpose' in this the 21st Century.