HM Prison And Child Cruelty - By Prison Widow

HM Prison costs my child £80.00 a month

When you sit down and think about the reality, it's pretty grim isn't it? One of our readers emailed us to inform us that her child goes without days out because he wants to talk to his dad who is in prison. ( above link ) Which costs £80.00 a month.
Some members of the British public will more than likely come out with the same old crap, " Well his dad should have thought about that before he landed himself in prison." Well we've heard all that. We've also heard the ramblings of, Charlotte Linacre, from The Tax Payers Alliance on this subject as well. The fact of the matter is, and people seem to forget this, children of prisoners are innocent human beings who are being punished by the British system and it's as simple as that. Telephone calls from prison as we all know, cost 7 times more than a standard call. And who pays for those calls? Well lets ask, Michael Spurr, head of The Prison Service, shall we. Lets ask him how many postal orders HM Prison's receive on a daily basis. Postal orders sent in by families of prisoners for their loved ones inside. Well I'll tell you, because you wouldn't get an answer from The Prison Service or The Ministry of Justice on that score. The mail room in HM Prisons across the country receive thousands of pounds from families who are making HM Prison and the phone suppliers a nice tidy profit. Again, you will get the usual British Victorian dick head saying, " If you can't do the time, don't do the crime." But the prisoner isn't being punished. Their children are because they are paying the price and the British Government are letting them and in the process rubbing their hands. Whoever decided that prison phone calls should be set at that rate, should be banged up themselves for child cruelty. I wonder how much profit the telephone supplier and HM Prison make per year? What's the saying. " If you do the crime, innocent children serve the time?"