Hurry Up And Send Me To Prison!

By Prison Widow

Without going in to detail, I was at the magistrates court this morning supporting someone.
Because I like a cigarette or three, I sneaked out of the room and went to have a smoke outside.
Many of you know that some of my ramblings are spoof's, but I can assure you this story isn't!
Whilst stood there taking a puff of my cigarette, one young lad with his friend asked me for a light. I passed my lighter over to him and then heard this comment to his pal: " I wish the ******* magistrate would hurry up because I want to get to HMP Forest Bank before tea time!"
I turned to him and said, " tell me you are joking?" He replied, " No, I need to get to Forest Bank before ******** teatime cos I'm starving!" There was no emotion, no fear, no nothing. He wasn't in the least bit bothered. I finished my cigarette and thought, ' Jesus Christ, what is this world coming too!' What a sad state of affairs that would have been if the victim heard him say that.