Husband Sold Drugs To Fund Son's University Fees

Hi Prisoners Families Voices. My husband is in prison. The reason he is in prison is because he sold drugs to pay for our son's university fees. Yes, it was wrong to do it, but a minimum wage job wouldn't have funded our sons fees and up keeping. My husband worked in a factory when suddenly his shifts were deteriorating. No offence, but this was down to the agency being taken over by a foreign couple. My husband suffered the brunt of it, and through favouritism, people were offered more shifts and that's that. Before anyone rattles me for saying it, I am not and never have been racist against any nationality, I'm merely telling the story as it is. Yes, I will admit that we were bitter, but finding another job proved almost impossible after sending off endless A4 sheets of CV's. But that's always been the UK's problem, they can't tidy up their own back yard! After his shifts went down to two shifts a week, which totaled £90.00 a week, there wasn't much left. Again, I'm not justifying what my husband has done. But let me ask you this. What do British parents have to do these days to give their children a future? My husband left me and the kids for a 5 month period, in which he told me he was 'working away' earning good money. All he did was phone us and send us money which supported our son. He was selling drugs and first I knew of it was when the Police turned up at my door. If I had the opportunity to move well away from the UK, then I would be off like a shot. I will also say this. Good luck to prisoners who who think they can walk in to a job on release from prison. They will need all the luck in the world and then some! Best wishes - Anonymous