I Often Wonder - By Prison Widow

" Can I get a lift?" He asked
Shuffling with his bag,
" I promise I won't hurt you
I'm just a lonely lag."
" Where to?" I replied to him
" probation please" he said
" And then you'll join your family?"
The prisoner shook his head.
" I have no one to go too
I live here on the street.
It's fine inside the doorways
But only when there's heat."
" And winter time?" I questioned
" How do you cope then?
You can't survive the wind and rain
inside your cardboard den?"
The lonely prisoner nodded
and lit a cigarette,
His soft toned voice just simply said
" It's then I edge my bet."
" Meaning?" I replied to him
He gazed at me then said,
" I go back home for winter
to my roof and prison bed."
The prisoner tipped his hat at me
And thanked me with 'high five'
I often wonder how he is
Or if he's still alive?

Prison Widow 2011 copyright.