IPP Sentence - By John Hirst

Some of our readers have been emailing us and asking us on Facebook about the current situation with the IPP sentence. Here is a reply from, John Hirst. Jailhouse Lawyer.

"So Kenneth Clarke has fudged it. Last December, the justice secretary said he intended to restrict IPPs to offenders who would otherwise have merited a fixed sentence of 10 years. Those who had served their tariffs would be released, he suggested, unless they "clearly posed a very serious risk of future harm".

Now, though, he is conducting an urgent review "with a view to replacing the current IPP regime with a much tougher determinate sentencing framework".

That should buy some time. But what about prisoners on IPPs already? It would be unlawful to give them "much tougher" fixed sentences. Expect them to be quietly let out".http://www.guardian.co.uk/law/2011/jun/22/ken-clarke-prison-sentencing-reform

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