Laughing At The UK Prison System - By A

OK. Probation. My husband spends two years on a drugs rehab wing, does all his ETS courses ( enhanced thinking skills ) and as soon as he gets out of jail, probation want him to do more of the same. That's fine, but is it acceptable they put him on the same courses as drug users? I don't blame any individual probation officer, I blame the Mickey Mouse system that puts these inane rules in to place. During my husband's imprisonment, I met a lady from Holland online. She was gob smacked at the Victorian British crap that is dished out to offenders and ex offenders. If you look at Holland's rehabilitation success, no wonder she laughed! The British system just doesn't get it. It doesn't work either. It is prehistoric and will probably never move forward, because the old fogies that put the provisions in to place for offenders - simply haven't a clue. They need to retire and put their input in to gardeners world - not prisoners resettlement programmes. My husband has been in prison twice. This time he placed on a MAPPA licence. Probation did more for him when he served 18 months in prison on his first sentence! I'm not sure what this MAPPA rubbish is about, but I can assure you that there is no difference at all. He checks in, checks out and is left alone. He barely sees his probation officer. And that's a joke considering on the day he was released, the police came round to introduce themselves because of this MAPPA tripe! No wonder the other European prison systems roll over laughing at the UK's. I certainly don't and cannot take the UK system seriously - so how do they expect prisoners and ex offenders to do the same?