Media Is Only Interested In Prisoners And Their Crimes - By CC

Hi to all at Prisoners Families Voices. I did read the post about repercussion on a prisoners family member and I was disgusted. The newspapers however fail to print such a subject. The families of victims of crime should not punish innocent children. I know of someone who had a brick thrown through her window that missed her child's cot by inches. I know that victims families will hurt like hell, but targeting the innocent is sick and they are just as much as a criminal than the person in prison. Secondly, The Sun Newspaper. It's a newspaper full of tits, wrote by tits, so I have nothing constructive to say about that particular rag. Prisoners children will never make forefront news in any newspaper, because the stories are too heartfelt. The UK media are not interested in pushing their plight because it could change the public's perspective.
That's the uphill battle we face. As far as the media and public are aware, prisoners children belong to monsters and scum. They cannot, or should I say, do not want to take off their rose colored glasses and see beyond anything else. We live in a crooked self centered country that fails its innocent children. My partner is in prison. I've tried to raise awareness in my own right, but no magazine will take my story on - because it's too sad and because their is no juicy bits apart from my little girl is constantly having nightmares because of her dads imprisonment. Even when I have been approached by the media, all they are interested in is my partners arrest and crime.