Ministry Of Justice Need Head Shake - By Y

I've noticed that some families have written in to you about probation. My fella has been in prison for two years. In those two years he's had two inside probation officers, 1 from the outside that came to see him and now he's been told that his outside probation has left and another one will be coming to see him. If the system is run like this, then how can my fella develop any relationship with his probation officer? He's released in 6 months time and I haven't a damn clue what's going on. I don't know if he is coming back home, whether he's going to be plonked in one of the probation hostels, or some half way house somewhere, I just don't know and neither does he. Trying to find out information as a prisoners partner is a nightmare. Probation don't want to know but then I question whether this is their fault? Is the probation service that screwed up that they are now bogged down with paperwork and have no time to interact with families? If my partner is being released back in to the community and back in to my home, then don't you think that I should be kept in the loop here? I will be living with him, probation will be seeing him for 5 minutes a week? If this is the MOJ's idea of resettlement, then they seriously need an head shake!