My Son Gets Rewarded Off The System For Bad Behavior

Hi. I have a son who is now in a young offenders institute. Before he went to prison, he had a support worker and only went to school twice a week. Social Services took him on day trips, expensive ones, and wrapped him in kid gloves. If he was naughty in school, he'd get rewarded for it. Social Services don't look at it that way, but let me tell you, that's exactly the way it is. I have two other children who do well at school. The day trips and the outings my son got off social services, I couldn't afford. So my other two children questioned why their brother was being rewarded for his behavior and why couldn't they go on these flashy day trips, Go-Karting and camping for the weekend. The worst thing the UK did was abolish national service. What is the damn point of social services wrapping 'naughty' children up in cotton wool? I read a post the other day on your blog about a parent saying that her son loved being in the young offenders institute. Well this is the same for my son too. Being where he is doesn't bother him. I visit him and he's fine and dandy. I asked him if he had learnt his lesson. His reply was, " It's not that bad here." What kind of reaction is that? How would victims of crime react with that sort of attitude? God knows I have tried my damn hardest with him. I love him, he's my son, but at this rate, the system is preparing him for the big boys prison - not a decent straight life on the out!
By Anonymous.