My Son Is Enjoying Prison - By Mum Of Prisoner

My son is in HMP Lancaster Farms. I thought he was sent there, or should I say, I hoped he was sent there to learn a lesson. How wrong was I? He is in great spirits, loves the food, loves the company and in one letter to his aunt, said prison was a 'piece of pi*s.' I wonder if Kenneth Clarke would like to read some of his letters? David Cameron is also more than welcome to read them as well, because he will be released from a British establishment that has been no deterrent whatsoever. He has made new friends, he has access to lots of facilities that I can't afford to pay for, for him out here, so you tell me what's the 'better option' for him? I have 4 sons. This is nothing to do with my parenting, when I have brought up all 4 sons the same and 2 of them are in full time jobs and 1 at Uni. I tried grounding him, I tried social services, I tried everything to get him on the straight and narrow. Thanks to the system, I now have a son that will be released from prison, probably commit more crime, and brag to all friends ( which he has already done in letters ) how easy prison life is. The British system is not only letting the victims of crime down, they letting down the families of prisoners and failing in rehabilitation!