National Probation Service Joke - By Anon-e-mouse

RE: post Probtion Hostel Crack Den

I have a son who is in prison and this happened to him, probation decided it would be the best place for him to monitor his offending and he was on a curfew. Although it was not admitted there were also some men in there for what i can only describe as behaviour that banned them from using cameras, videos, phones with cameras,etc. We made our own mind up! My son got up in the morning went to his appointments and then came round to my house or his grandads to avoid being in there right up until curfew where he would go straight to bed. Probation reassured him they would find somewhere as quickly as they could. On the first night after release he went back 3 minutes late, after a few weeks the bus was cancelled and i had to go and drop him off, he was 30 minutes late. After 2 months he was still there and unhappy but he was just keeping out of trouble and getting on with it. Then he was arrested and recalled one Friday evening at 11.00. When he asked why they said it was his third misdemenour as he had missed an appointment on the Wednesday, he showed the police the piece of paper which showed they had changed his appointment to the next day and the evidence that he had attended but they didnt want to know. Firstly why if this had happened did they wait until the friday evening ( a long stay in a cell until court monday morning) or secondly why was there nobody who was willing to listen or look into the circumstances (because he is not regarded as a human being). He was recalled 4 months ago and still no=one has asked to see the paperwork which shows his probation officers changed the date. Two and a half years inside, 2 months out and then maybe another two and a half years inside because probation couldnt be bothered in my humble opinion!! apart from the strain on him and his family when he was really doing well, what about the financial cost keeping him in! I could write a book on all the other catastrophes he has had to endure but maybe i will save them for another day.