National Recall Service - By Prison Widow

It's an eye opener isn't it? I was always under the impression that probation officers were supposed to help ex offenders. Well I suppose they do help ex offenders - they help them to fail.
I've gathered all my emails together today and complied them in to a little file to send over to the National Probation Service. Naturally I won't get a reply, but at least it might educate them whilst they are sat at their desks pressing their fax buttons to the Ministry of Justice. They should by rights be called, recall officers, not probation officers. Oh, forgive me, they're called offender managers now aren't they? They're so efficient, that their clients sack them and return to prison.
It's an easy procedure. There's no crime involved. All you have to do is, walk out of a probation hostel, commonly known as a crack den, go and sleep somewhere decent for the night away from the piss heads and junkies who are causing havoc, and hey presto! You're on your way to the local Cat B prison on a sweat box. Simples! The last probation hostel I went to was in, Accrington, in Lancashire. Looks great on their website, but what a dive! They ran these rehabilitation programmes. Ex offenders in the age range of between 30-40, did group sessions such as playing word games, catching Frisbee's, and feeding ducks. You don't believe me? I swear down it's true! I'm not sure whether they played Hopscotch, but saying we are talking about the UK Probation Service, I wouldn't put it past them.
I'd put the link on here, but I'll save them from embarrassment - for now. It was swamped with drugs, drink and sexual going's on when the staff clocked off. There was one CCTV camera in the entrance where staff would rewind the tape the next morning to see who had done a runner, or who was bringing women in. I think if I was 'regressed' back to my reception class age by the Probation Service, having been subjected to feeding ducks as part of my rehabilitation, then I'd be smuggling the Chippendale's in to the bloody hostel of a night time, and I'd be pissed every single night having to comply with that load of crap at 40 year old. My friend who was forced to reside there is no longer with us, God bless him. And if he's looking down on me whilst I'm tapping this post out, he'd say, " expose them and bang the link on!" Well that really just depends on what mood I'm in tomorrow!