No Pinocchio In Prison Please - By Prison Widow

I got a phone call the other day from my hubby - yes, one of those phone calls that cost 7x the normal standard rate. He asked me to get him some boxer shorts. It's a simple enough question isn't it, so being the generous wife I am, I went out and bought him some. I bought him some of these above. Pinocchio boxer shorts. I thought they were cute, a bit of a novelty and all that, so I booked them in to his property on a prison visit. A few days later, he rang me and said that the Governor had confiscated them! I said, WTF? Why has he done that? Apparently, he was walking along the wing after a shower and a female screw - who the cons call, plastic fantastic, because of her Irish Lottery win silicone boobs - asked my hubby what he was doing walking on the wing in his boxer shorts. He said he forgot his tracksuit bottoms. The screw-ess then replied - " Lair!" He said, " Honest Miss, I'm not lying!" She then piped up, " Mr Pinocchio, you are most definitely lying!" It's a good job I'm not the jealous type isn't it? But having said that, his nose is quite small so I just laughed the whole thing off! So whatever you do ladies, don't buy your men any Pinocchio boxers.