NOMS Are One Big Joke - By Billie

Hi to you all. I found your site via a link on, Inside Time online. More or less every website or organisation I stumble across that represent prisoners families, everyone of them quote - families can help to reduce re-offending. My partner is now out of prison but I still write to prison pen-pals, hence why I am tapping an email to you. I am under the impression that the quote, ' families can help to reduce re-offending' is in fact a quote that they indeed could, should they be introduced to a door that actually welcomes prisoners families inside. My partner has been out of prison for just under 12 months. His sentence was 12 years. I will tell any organisation, any Government and any Ministry of Justice big wig, that I, his partner, is his only form of support. I am his partner, mother to his children and his mentor rolled in to one. Probation or offender management, whatever their name is these days, have been the biggest load of rubbish, and that is putting it politely. Before my partners release, he asked me to ring his probation officer. When I did, she couldn't discuss anything with me unless he wrote to her to confirm it was OK for me to phone on his behalf. So he wrote to her. I rang his probation back only to be told that his probation officer had changed and it was someone else now. So my partner had to write another letter giving me permission to speak to him. So again I rang then to be told he was on holiday for two weeks. Their wages should go to me. Probation know I am a decent person with a clean sheet and I feel that because I'm not an idiot and they know this, they have thrown the workload on my shoulders. His last appointment was laughable. My partner asked for help with his CV. His probation officer said, " I'm sure your partner can do one for you." If that's the case, then should I email NOMS and ask them to sack some of the idle beings they have working for them, and to employ me? Or do I have to go to college and learn from a text book how to work with an offender? NOMS are one big joke. I could go on with other stories but the criminal justice system drain my brain! If families can reduce re-offending, then sack the offender managers, simple as that!