NOMS Are Useless - By Partner Of Prisoner

Is it really any wonder that prisoners families don't have time or day for the probation service? My partner doesn't need their help either to be quite honest. But some families actually rely on these diabolical services and need that communication. Lets have it right, prisoners families are paying through their noses for phone call credit to send to their loved ones in prison and the likes of NOMS pi*s up the families backs and ignore their telephone calls etc because of data protection and God knows what else. It's a merry-go-round for prisoners families. One that doesn't stop either because it really is like banging your head against a wall with useless services like NOMS. My partners probation officer never returns my calls, but you can bet your bottom dollar that when he is due for his release, they will contact me to do an home visit. They all of a sudden want to know your business then! Crap with a capital C!