Oakwood Distribution Limited

By Prison Widow

Well they say, ' every little helps.' And it is little when it comes to shifts at Oakwood Distribution for UK citizens. Take a look at the picture above. The firm distributes CD's and books for Tesco.
You are probably thinking why I am writing about this company. Pretty simple really. One of my close friends rang this morning to tell me that her husband had been dismissed from the company. Their policy is, no swearing on the factory floor, which is fair enough. But it is OK and acceptable for one of their supervisors to use the 'F' word. A supervisor from, Poland, who thinks it is fine to use bullying and goading tactics on individuals. My friends husband didn't tolerate it, and rightly so. Yet he was dismissed and the Polish dude keeps his job. That's how the UK works these days. If you argue the point, you are slated for discrimination, but I don't wear that bollo*ks. It was only a few weeks ago that my friend received an email stating that this company shares out employment equally. Meaning between the British and the foreign nationals. It's a touchy subject isn't it, but tough, it needs bringing up when people are treated 'differently' within the workforce. Foul language is not allowed on the factory floor? Then fire the supervisor too! How much do you wanna bet they don't? There will be updates during the day on this matter, and being, Prison Widow, well, don't expect me to drop the subject! I'll keep you all posted.

Please also note: He was dismissed at 5.00am this morning. Walked miles home in the rain because there was no public transport available at that time of the morning. It took him over 2 hours to walk home.

Update - He was employed by agency - STAFFLINE UK

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24/09/2011 UPDATE. The man in this story has now got a decent job and a permanent one.