Oakwood Distribution LTD - Latest Punch By Prison Widow

You're probably all thinking why I'm on my high horse about all this. Well my friend, who's hubby has been fired, volunteers for this blog. There has been no latest developments apart from that he isn't getting his job back. As for getting in touch with Oakwood Distribution LTD, they don't even have a contact number! That's how, Mickey Mouse, the firm is. Tells a story doesn't it? A huge distribution firm that knocks out goods for, Tesco's, doesn't even have a contact number anywhere online! Maybe I can find it in a Polish phone directory? I hear you all gasping, but I'm a freedom of speech lass. I usually say what everyone else is thinking, but thoughts don't get results. I couldn't care less about the supervisors nationality. The fact of the matter is, Oakwood Distribution LTD are a biased company. Agency workers within it are easily replaced - ten a penny. But it's all happy days. Since my original post went up this morning, two solicitors have offered to do an unfair dismissal case, one company has offered to pay for the fees, Tesco have received all our links on the, Mickey Mouse, factory that distributes their goods, and the supervisor has a spare job to offer one of his 'buddies.' Thumbs up, Prison Widow! But I haven't finished yet.