Paying the Price - by Mary PFV volunteer

The subject of how much it costs us to visit our loved ones in prisons is not going to go away anytime soon!!.
Nor should it. What is also interesting though is just how many of you feel you are cheated out of the full visiting time permitted. Anon, put it very well in her post earlier today.

Apart from all the costs involved in these visits, not to mention the ordeal of getting through 'security. ' How annoying to then see your visit cut short because of the ridiculous amount of time taken just getting in!!. We are constantly told that we are key to help reduce re offending, yet they still move our loved ones miles away. By the time we have our bums on the seat we are sometimes so stressed by the journey etc., it's difficult to even have a decent conversation never mind support and encourage our loved one.

For me though, it is the legalised robbery which goes on over the cost of telephone calls from an inmate!!. Is it 'just' to be charged 7 times the going rate to keep in touch with your family? that's if you can even get a phone to use. Is it any wonder then that illegal mobile phones are the norm in prisons?. Mostly, it has been said, brought in by the very guards whose job it is to find and confiscate them!!. Nice little earner if you ask me.