Pre-School Probation Courses - By Ex Offender

Hi. I'm an ex offender and I just turn up for my probation appointments just because I have to.
My partner has helped me with my CV and taught me how to surf the Internet. The last probation course I went on, was like sitting in on a pre-school Assembly. The only thing they didn't do was read, Hickory Dickory Dock, to us. So you can get the picture. I haven't used drugs for over 12 months, yet probation expect me to sit on these dumb courses surrounded by people who still use drugs. I know it's early days, but I'm doing well at the moment and I am happy in my family surroundings. I used the prison drugs courses to my advantage and did well inside. Yet I come out of prison and these idiots who call themselves 'offender managers' try and put me on courses that I don't want to be on and don't want to be surrounded by the people that are on them. What I would also like to say is, without the support of my family, I would probably be back in prison. My partner has been my rock yet was treated like scum by the Prison Service. God knows how families cope and when you hear and read about the way they are treated by the system, it is them who serve the sentence. Not the prisoner! I'm enjoying reading your blog by the way and found you through Ben's Prison Blog.