Prison Recall Can Be Devastating - By Anonymous Mum

Hi. I'm glad that the issue of prison recall was brought up earlier on your blog. I believe that probation should without a shadow of a doubt, communicate and advise prisoners families. My partner was recalled to prison and it was worse than his arrest. We were sat watching TV when two policemen were at our back gate and two hammered on our front door. I let them in, they handcuffed my partner in front of our young son and he screamed the place down. My partner had not committed a further crime. He breached his probation licence by skipping appointments. I was unaware of this and thought he had attended. Family members, especially those with children should be educated by the probation service. Recall to prison happens so quickly and happens in front of your children if they are present. The Police were very abrupt and showed no compassion for our son. There's a surprise. But please trust me, recall to prison can affect children who one minute are happy to see their parent, and the next, they are being carted away again. It is not fair on the kids! If offenders are released back home, the probation service should not only brief the offender, but their families should be briefed too. My son is now having nightmares after they arrested my partner at home and recalled him to prison. Yes it was his own fault - but the impact it has on children can be devastating.