Prison Release And Employment - By 'Carrie'

My partner has recently been released from prison having served 5 years. I'm not slagging probation off, but he's been attending appointments to discuss his CV etc. I'm computer literate, so I am in a position to type him a CV out. The town in which we live in is what I call - unemployment city. There's very little going and factory's now seem to be relying on agencies, which are dishing out approximately 2 shifts a week. I don't need to spell it out to anyone that there are gaps in my partner's CV because he has been in prison. My partners probation officer has basically said to declare he has been in prison? If he does this, what chances does he even stand of getting 2 shifts a week with an agency? It is not in my nature at all to lie. But for the sake of a few little white lies, my partner could register with the agency and at least get a couple of shifts in instead of pondering in his bedroom all day. One of the first things probation said to him was, make sure you keep busy on release because boredom can indeed lead to re-offending and I agree with this. People have to survive and people need money to survive. But in the same breath, being completely honest with the CV is dangerous. The last thing I want is for my partner to re-offend. Surprisingly, after reading a lot of horror stories about prison, my partner did well and took advantage of what courses the prison had to offer. Also, because of funding cuts, our local job centre has lost some funding for course such as FLT ( Fork Lift Truck ) and the building site CSCS card. The UK is now a 'dog eat dog' country, and I'm afraid my decision is that if we put an honest CV together. My partner has a pretty good chance of failing here on the out.