The Prison Service Screw The Innocent Over - By Nat B

Hi. My story goes like this. I am not in a position to help my brother financially who is in prison at the moment. My mum who is 70 years old sends him £ 15.00 a week from her pension otherwise she would not get to speak to him. I know there have been many posts on your blog about children suffering the consequences, but the elderly do as well. I cannot believe that the British system practically make prisoners families pay the price. It's sick in the head. The UK are the first to shove their noses in helping other countries when they cannot even sort out their own back yard and treat their own people with respect. Innocent people at that! Disgusting! Waving the flag for England? I don't think so! I'm all for justice and I think prisoners should learn their lessons, but why are innocent people punished? Sorry, you can take this which way you like, but prisoners have it easy compared to their families!