Prisoners Families Deal With Legal Issues Too - By Anonymous

Hi Prisoners Families Voices. I've read many posts on your blog about prisoners families and issues. One of them is the cost of prison phone calls which is absolutely diabolical. Because of the cost, I am my partners main messenger. I telephone his solicitors on a frequent basis because he often can't afford to from prison. I know other families ring their legal representatives too. But what about those with no family? How much must it cost prisoners to stay in touch with their legal advisers? I'm just raising awareness really that as well as the cost of visits and sending our loved ones money in for phone calls, we, their loved ones are paying for telephone calls to solicitors on their behalf, which I don't mind I must say. But if you tot up how much it costs prisoners families to support a loved one in prison, you can bet it's astronomical. As I said, I am the main messenger between my partner and his brief. His solicitor is brilliant and without that communication between prisoners families, some prisoners would be up the creak without a paddle!