Prisoners Families Need Communication With Probation

Hi Prisoners Families Voices. I think it's absolutely brilliant that you feature comments from serving probation officers. Families of offenders are often left out of the loop and there should be a communication network between probation and prisoners families. Because there isn't, this is where the frustration builds up, and families of offenders feel they are being pushed to one side. I know I do! If the offender is given the go-ahead to reside at home with his/her family, then family members should be in the know about licence conditions and what the consequences are if those conditions are breached. Prison recall is an absolute nightmare. It's a nightmare going through appeals, understanding the process and getting to grips with what happens next. I am married to a prisoner. I am also a law abiding citizen and agree with prison licence and what is expected of them. But for lots and lots of families, not through ignorance may I add, are unaware of the conditions surrounding their loved ones release. With prison recall, there is no messing about. The Police are at your door quick sharp and you are on the next bus back to prison. Why put your children through all that? I agree that prisoners families should be brought in to the picture regarding the Probation Service. Thanks for listening. With love from Collette. x