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Bullied Because of Strangeways Documentary

By Anonymous Mum - 17 May

Since the prison documentary Strangeways has been on air and has been a widely talked about subject, thanks to the programme my daughter is now getting bullied again at school because her dad is in prison. All the school know he’s in prison, because he was in the local newspaper, so it is common knowledge. Since the Strangeways series has started they are mocking my daughter asking her if that was her dad on the TV programme dirty protesting etc. They know it isn’t, but the other kids are constantly badgering her about it. They also have been asking her if her dad pees on the floor of his cell. She came home today absolutely heartbroken. Her dad isn’t in Strangeways prison, but nevertheless everyone watching it is under the impression that every prison is like that. She is now insisting she doesn’t want to go to school tomorrow. It took us nearly 12 months to sort out the bullying, and now because of some prison programme, it’s all started up again! So thank you ITV!

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