Prisoners Families Who Are Unable To Maintain Ties - By Anon

Hi. Hope everyone is well. I am writing in to you because my friend as a problem. Her partner is prison and after I read the post about the mobile phone issue, my friend is pretty much in the same boat because she has no land line phone and her partner can only ring her mobile once a week, maybe twice if he's saved some phone credit. It's fine and well for these charities and organisations pushing the fact that you can maintain contact with a prisoner via phone, visits and letters. But my friend is dyslexic and struggles to pen a letter. I have offered to help, but even then, there are some things she wants to be kept personal, so this is difficult for her. How are prisoners families in this situation supposed to communicate and maintain ties with their loved ones? She visits once a month with her two children and I take her there in my car. The journey is over two hours and petrol costs money. I'm not in a position to help her out myself financially. Don't you think the charities would suggest something like my friend who is in this situation? How does her family maintain ties?