Prisoners Hearing Their Children's Voices - By Prison Widow

Prisoners Families Have Nothing

I read the above link last night from one of our readers. She claims that prisoners families have nothing. Well we are provided with a service at visitors centres. Not a free one might I add, but nevertheless, we have resources such as ham and tomato sandwiches. They cost us money and so do the same sandwiches that are on sale in the prison visits room. You'd think by now, that all these UK charities who are raising money 24/7 would come up with a few ideas for prisoners families wouldn't you? The promotion of visitors centres are getting more annoying than pizza leaflets shoved through our doors. In agreement with the above poster, Storybook Dad's are fab. But couldn't a scheme be devised for families to send something in to the prisoner? A good point. Wouldn't it benefit the prisoner if they could hear their children's voices?