Probation Depresses My Husband - By Karen B

Probation Subjected To Many Changes

I would like to say hi to, Jim Brown, the probation officer. ( regarding above highlighted link )
The same happened to my husband. His probation officer was changed suddenly within a matter of a few months before release. It was with much regret because my hubby got on with him and I was also kept in the loop. No offence, but he was an 'old skool' probation officer and all three of us knew where we stood. He was released from prison and I honestly felt like I was back at school when we attended probation on the day of his release from prison. Again, no offence, but his probation officer is a young woman, years younger than my hubby, and we feel like we are at pre-school on his appointments. She's half his age and goes by the text book. She's a nice enough young woman, but there's a but. She's is putting my hubby on what I call needless courses. Before his arrest, he had been working solidly for 12 years and has a trade behind him. He has come out of prison, not intensive care. He was in prison because he committed a crime, a regrettable one, but he is far from an idiot. He is educated and is capable of finding work if there is any. But he is treated like a young offender and I think it is demoralising to be very honest. I am not a whinger, and I accept the rules and regulations of a prison licence, as does my hubby, but he and I hate going to probation. It actually depresses him. It's also a waste of travel too. It takes him 25 minutes to get to probation on public transport and his appointment lasts no longer than a few minutes. What really is the point of it all?