Probation Fail Prisoners - By Sonni

Hi. Please could I comment about probation hostels. I have a read a few of the posts on your blog and I am in a similar situation. My partner was released from prison a short while ago. I have a stable home, no police record and a decent job. Probation told him that he couldn't reside at my address though. He was re-settled in to a probation hostel. During the first week in there, he said that prison was better. He couldn't sleep because of the sheer noise and became very depressed. Just like another reader whose post I read, my partner too asked his probation officer for alternative accommodation and was told to stick it out. In the end, my partner breached his licence conditions on purpose and was sent back to prison because that way, we can start again without probation and when he has finished his sentence, he can live with me without anyone saying any different. My point is, how bad is that when ex prisoners have to resort to going back inside rather than living in these pot hole probation hostels? Again, it's down to money and empty probation hostel beds means there's no money coming in. So that's my story. I have a partner in prison so he can dodge probation and their grubby so-called places of re-settlement.