Probation Hostel Crack Den - By Anonymous

My brother has recently been released from prison and I don't even want to speak to probation again, or give them time of day. My brother was released in to an hostel. Only the probation hostel was more like a crack den, not a place of rehabilitation. I knew when he rang me on his second night stay that trouble was ahead. I was right because in the middle of the night, I got a knock at the door which was my brother. As part of his licence to reside at the hostel, he was also on a curfew. So straight away he had breached that order. That morning, the little money he had on release from prison was robbed from his room, along with personal possessions. He hadn't slept a wink from the first night because staff at the hostel clocked off at a certain time. So others staying there abused that and got off their heads on drugs and booze. I obviously gave my brother a bed for the night and rang his probation officer at 10.30am in the morning because we had sat up and talked for most of the night. To my complete horror, his horrible nasty probation officer had already sent the paper work off to recall him back to prison, without even listening to the circumstances as to why he fled the probation crack den. If probation and the Ministry of Justice really think that housing ex prisoners in there un-organised dumps help to reduce re-offending then they can think again. My brother has decided not to appeal against his recall because he would rather be released without the hassle of dealing with probation. Those who do have a good probation officer are very very lucky indeed. I don't have the time of day for any of them!