Probation Hostel Hell - By Worried Mum Of Prisoner

My son is currently in a probation hostel. He comes home most days and I cook him a meal. He is on a curfew at the hostel, so he is unable to stay over. If he doesn't go back to the hostel on time, he could go back to prison. He's pale and depressed and is awake most of the night because of the other residents making noise and being rowdy. He has said to me that he wants to go back to prison because it's quieter. The hostel is a bit like a rehab. It was my son's decision along with his probation officers to go there to help him resettle back in to the community. It sounded OK and I received information on the place myself. But once in there, it's a living hell. The staff leave the premises around 8.00pm. After that, residents are pretty much left to their own devices. It's a typical case of - when the cat's away, the mice will play. I have asked probation to step in but nothing seems to be happening. What is absolutely laughable is, this so called hostel and the people in it are supposed to be monitored. Probation has a duty of care to protect the public and to manage offenders. I want my son home to live under my roof. Other than trying to argue with probation, what else can I do to get him out of an unacceptable environment?

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