Probation Need To Sort Their Act Out! - By Emma

Hi all. I've read a number of posts on your blog regarding probation. My partner had just got to know his outside probation officer on a few prison visits, and really got on with him, only to be informed now that his probation officer has changed. It's about time The Probation Service sorted their act out. As a partner of a prisoner, I too had rang and introduced myself to his probation officer and seemed to get along fine. Why let a prisoner develop a relationship with his probation officer, and then change to another one basically on the last minute, months before release from prison? I have tried, without success, to get in touch with his new probation officer, but she's either on a visit, on leave, or telephone shy, because she hasn't had the decency to get back to me. Probation are put in to place to manage offenders, but quite clearly someone should be put in to place to manage probation because this is one hell of a cock up for us right now. My partner has an 'invisible' offender manager! No doubt she will crop up before his release though!