Probation Subjected To Many Changes - By Jim Brown

Probation Need To Sort Their Act Out

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"I sympathise entirely with the fact that changes of officer are often unsettling, especially if a good relationship has been established over a lengthy period. It would certainly be my practice to always explain to a prisoner why this was happening and preferably in a face to face interview. Sadly the probation service has been subjected to many changes over the last 10 years or so, one result of which has been to continually move staff involuntarily. Also, many older colleagues have been retiring early and newer colleagues have a slightly different view of career development and seem to move position more frequently. It seems to be an inevitable fact that, despite the aspiration being stable 'end-to-end offender management', everything seems to conspire nowadays to frustrate this very aim. This is extremely unsettling for prisoners and very depressing for many older officers like myself.'

By Jim Brown ( Probation Officer )