Probation: A Tarnished Brand?

Anyone who's been following this blog will know I've been getting increasingly concerned about how probation is coming to be perceived by many of our clients. Of course probation officers have always had to deal with a certain degree of complaint from clients either when we fail to deliver something or we have to exercise our public protection role. But generally speaking, under the ethos of 'advise, assist and befriend' most officers enjoyed good, supportive and constructive working relationships with their clients. There was a general understanding of our role and our place within the criminal justice system. They even used to understand when sometimes we had to recall them.

Well for anyone who might feel in need of confirmation as to exactly where our standing is currently, I suggest more than a casual glance at this brilliant website 'Prisoners Families Voices.' It makes for very uncomfortable reading, but sadly rings true in many respects and makes my heart absolutely sink. I hope the organisers of the site will not mind me quoting from several recent posts in order to give a flavour for the depth of feelings.

CLICK HERE and visit the website Probation Matters and read some of our stories from Prisoners Families Voices.