Punished By Victims Family - By Anonymous

The Sun Newspaper

Whenever The Scum, sorry, The Sun newspaper, write about prisoners, or should I say, LAGS, because that's the only alternative word they can come up with, it amazes me how they bull sh*t their way through a story without giving a few facts. I wholly agree that the real victims of crime are the victims. I'm an ex partner of a prisoner, and whether the general public like this or not, I was a victim too, and so was my 5 year old boy. When my partner at the time was sent to prison, the victims family thought it fit to punish me and my son. Bearing in mind that we were and are innocent, because we both had no idea he was about to do what he did. We were victims of eggs thrown at our windows, bricks through our windows and fireworks through our letterbox. I once defended myself on a local newspaper forum and was called 'scum' among other things I would rather not repeat. How the hell would a victim of crime forum feel if I went on there and slated the victims family for what they put me and my son through? Thanks to the victims family, I have a 5 year old son who is petrified of playing out and has sleeping problems. There is absolutely no doubt that my ex partner deserves to be locked up. He 100% deserves it. But I will tell you all this much, me and son do not deserve to serve his sentence too.