Recall Arrest And Children - By P

Hi, I totally agree with, Mary. ( below post) I myself have been through prison recall, well not myself exactly, but my partner being arrested at home on recall to prison. I agree also that in many cases, prison recall arrest is worse than the initial arrest! I had two Police officers at my front door and two at my patio doors at the back. They were hammering at my door and my daughter was petrified. He wasn't on a MAPPA licence, and he was recalled because he failed to keep his probation appointments. The Police have no compassion whatsoever for the children. It isn't a child neglect issue, or child protection issue, so they bounce in to your home and arrest the offender in front of your children if need be. My partner is not a danger to the public. He poses no risk to women or children, therefore in my opinion, the hefty arrest was pathetic. Maybe the Police were quiet on that occasion? But I too will warn any other family to be aware of prison recall. It can be quite an upsetting and traumatic experience. Especially for children.