Special Privileges For Mum's In Prison? - By Partner Of Prisoner

Ken Clarke Should Keep Women Of Jail

I've just read your latest link on the blog ( above highlighted link ) and I'm sorry, but why should there be one rule for women prisoners and another for male prisoners? A neighbour of mine is in prison and I can tell you this much, she has far more access with her children than my children have with their dad who is in prison! I'm not meaning to upset anyone by saying this, but why is this the case? If I was in prison, I would get to see my kids more? My children see their dad twice a month, whereas I know for a fact that the woman in prison in our street sees her children on a very regular basis and has special visiting days for them too. Sorry, but the whole thing gets my back up. It seems as though children get special privileges if it's their mum in prison.