Staying In Prison To Avoid Probation - By Kiss

National Probation Service Are A Joke

I would like to reply to Anon-e-mouse please. ( Above link ) My partner too was put in to a probation hostel and he is now back in prison on recall. He used to ring me up of a night and he let me listen to the 'goings' on in there. It was disgusting. My partner was doing well in prison and went on a TC wing to address his drug use issues. I have no criminal record or even any Police warnings, yet probation thought it was best that he went in to one of their so called rehabilitation hostels to settle in to the community. That lasted 3 weeks because he could not cope anymore in there. He rang probation, I rang probation and all they kept saying was, " just try and stick with it." So what's the score with probation? Do they refuse to listen to their clients and family members? In read a post on your blog the other day where a family member said that her partner wasn't appealing his recall because he would rather not have any dealing with probation on release. My partner decided the same thing because it really is just not worth the hassle dealing with those morons!