Struggling Communicating On Prison Visits - By Loving My Inmate

Hi. I was reading the story about children becoming distant from their parent in prison. I am having the same problem. My partner is in a prison 4 hours away from our home. I take my son visiting when I can afford it. We mainly keep in touch via letters and telephone calls. My son last saw his dad at the beginning of May 2011 and we are due to visit again soon. It can roughly work out every 2 months when we visit. My son is 8 and both he and his dad are struggling communicating on visits. For the first half hour it's not too bad, but for the rest of the hour, it's very awkward. This most definitely has something to do with the lack of visiting, but I work long hours to support my son and there is no one else to accompany him on visits. There's also the financial issue involved too. I don't get much help towards the cost of travel. I have noticed a growing distance forming between my son and partner. It's very sad to see because they were amazingly close before his arrest. The Government must listen. By transferring prisoners hours and hours away from home, is causing distress for many children of prisoners. The system is driving the child and parent apart which is disgusting. I know my partner deserves to be in prison and I wouldn't say it any other way, but my son is suffering. He said to me only a few weeks ago that he is getting used to his dad not being here and he doesn't miss him as much as when he first went to prison. I also know that he is putting on a very brave face when he says it.