The Sun Has Got It's Wig On - By Prison Widow

The report said prison governors would liaise with local firms to choose the inmates most suitable. It suggested paying prisoners £3.10 an hour for a 40-hour week. After tax, their wages would be split between a victims' fund, a prison "management fee" and resettlement payments they get upon release.

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Prison Widow Comment; I'm all for above to be honest. Only £3.10 an hour is what I call a load of boll*cks. The Sun have also missed something out. I will repeat this for the journo who wrote the above piece. I'll repeat it for the likes of Buster Blood Vessel too. ( AKA Kenneth Clarke ) There are over 160,000 innocent children of prisoners in the UK. Not once have they had a mention in the above article. Whilst Prison Governors are 'liaising' I wonder if they could drop in the fact that because their prison's are ripping thousands of innocent families off by charging 7x more than a standard call on their prison phones, innocent children, and I will repeat this for the likes of, Charlotte Linacre, from the Tax Payers Alliance also, it is innocent families that are ploughing their money in to HM Prison because they are paying for the prisoners crime. Children are paying for their crime as well. How? Because part of their child benefit payment goes on phone credit for their mum's and dad's in prison. I doubt The Sun Newspaper would cover a story as such though - It's too truthful for them to put in to print.