Teenage Son Walked Out Of Prison Visit - By Judie

Me and my teenage son went on a prison visit yesterday to see his dad. After roughly 20 minutes, he got up off his seat and walked out, telling me he would wait for me outside. His dad was mortified and I just didn't know what to say. My partner has been in prison for just over 3 months, so all this is still new for me and our kids. When I came out from the visit, I asked my son what was wrong. He said it was because he felt stupid and embarrassed about sitting in a prison visit room. He also said he doesn't want to go again and I know I can't force him as its his decision. But I am now upset at having to tell my partner, his dad, that he doesn't want to go and see him again. I made an excuse up for him yesterday that he wasn't feeling too good and that's why he fled from the visit. My partner accepted that, but the truth is, it was a white lie and now I am going to have to tell him some bad news that our son just doesn't want to visit anymore. I never for one minute thought this situation would be a breeze, but I didn't think it would be a constant rollercoaster ride either.