Teenage Visit Boredom - By Mumzi

Teenage son walks out on prison visit

Hi. I would just like to reply to Judie who wrote about her son walking out on a prison visit. This happened to me once too. My teenage son said he was going to the toilet and he never returned back to the visits room. To be very honest, he was bored out of his mind. His dad was upset, but he understood. I found my son sitting on a wall outside the prison and I too asked him why he never came back in the visit room. He said that he had nothing to say or talk about and that he felt uncomfortable too and that his dad seemed like a stranger. Prison visits are places where you shouldn't have to watch what you're saying, but somehow the situation puts a strain on your conversation if that makes any sense. My son rarely goes on prison visits but maintains his relationship through phone calls. If he's happy with that, then I'm happy with that too.