The Trauma Of A Police Raid - By Anonymous

Hello. I'm not a prisoners family member but I sympathize with children of prisoners and believe that they should be entitled to help and support. I am however in a similar situation. Although I do not have a partner in prison, my daughter suffered severe trauma when the drugs squad kicked down my door. Only they kicked down the wrong door. The previous tenant was still registered at my address. I had only been in the house for a month. There was a warrant out for him and I was still receiving his post. I notified everyone I should have and yet the Police still got it wrong. My daughter is 7 and was absolutely terrified of the noise the Police made. She now is suffering from trauma. I did get an apology, but apologies are cheap when the incident has had a profound impact on my daughter. She no longer sleeps in her own bed because she is scared. She has horrid nightmares and trembles when she sees a Police officer. Heaven knows how children cope when they see their parent arrested. Children who go through this trauma need support and it really sickens me that professionals turn their backs. I would like to send my love to all the children who have experienced trauma of arrest or raids on their homes. The Police couldn't care less!